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Want To Clean Your Record?

Arrest and court records can have a lasting impact on people’s lives for years. Securing employment, leases, admission to a school — anything that may involve a background check — can be incredibly difficult to achieve when you have a criminal record.

Expungement Of Arrest And Court Records

No one should be held back for mistakes for which they have already paid their dues. In many cases, the records that are causing difficulties for people may not even be related to any mistake they made. For example, records of an arrest can create problems for a person even if the charges were dismissed.

Removing Obstacles To Building The Future You Want

You may be entitled to expunge your arrest and prosecution records under certain circumstances: if you received a not-guilty verdict, a Nolle Prosequi, a Stet or a Probation Before Judgment and have your fingerprints, photograph and court records cleared. As long as you have not been convicted of a crime, an expungement can be a tremendous help in moving forward with your life.

At the law office of Paul R. Kramer, LLC, I have over 40 years of experience that includes 20 years as a federal prosecutor and 14 years as deputy U.S. attorney, the second highest federal prosecutor in the state. My extensive experience in the courts in Maryland allows me to understand how to present a compelling petition for an expungement.

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