A Former Federal Prosecutor Fighting Hard For You

I spent 20 years on the other side of the law as a federal prosecutor. I use that experience every day to fight for the accused as a criminal defense trial lawyer in Baltimore. I fight hard for my clients, and I fight to win. You can count on me to fiercely guard your rights and pursue every legal option in search of a solution to the criminal charges you face.

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Respected And Experienced Baltimore Criminal Defense Lawyer

For any legal issue you face, it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side who knows the law and has the ability to make a genuine difference in your case. At the Baltimore-based law office of Paul R. Kramer, LLC, I focus my practice on the areas of state and federal criminal defense and personal injury claims. I work diligently to help every one of my clients reach a positive result.

Defending The Accused For Over 40 Years

My name is Paul Kramer, and I’ve spent four decades in private practice representing people in the state and federal courts in the Baltimore area and across Maryland. Before that, I was a longtime federal prosecutor, including serving 14 years as deputy U.S. attorney for the District of Maryland. Knowing firsthand how the prosecution operates will enable me to get in front of your case and put you in the strongest position for a favorable outcome.

I have extensive experience with federal charges, from drug conspiracies and weapon offenses to fraud and white collar crimes. I am frequently retained by larger law firms as co-counsel to their clients who are under criminal investigation or subpoenaed to appear before grand juries.

A Former Prosecutor On Your Side

Paul R. Kramer

I know the law. I know the tendencies of the area prosecutors and judges in both the state and federal courts. I will know how to approach your specific circumstances to give you a fighting chance, no matter what the charges are. Put my decades of focused experience to work for you.

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