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Protecting Your Rights At All Times: Baltimore DUI/DWI Defense Lawyer Serving Maryland And D.C.

If you are facing charges for DUI or DWI (drunk driving), be sure you have an experienced defense attorney on your side who will fight to protect your rights. A conviction on drunk driving charges can result in serious penalties, including fines, jail time and the loss of your driver’s license.

In many cases, it seems like the legal system operates on an assumption of guilt rather than innocence. At the Baltimore, Maryland, law office of Paul R. Kramer, LLC, I create a strong defense against DUI or DWI charges. I fight to hold the system accountable to the law that it was created to uphold.

Criminal Cases And MVA Hearings

I have been practicing law in Maryland and Washington, D.C., for over 40 years, including 20 years as a federal prosecutor. I know what to expect from the prosecution in DUI and DWI cases and I know how to prepare a defense against them. I will examine every aspect of your case to ensure your rights were respected at every stage of the process. If I find any indication your rights were violated, I will seek to have the charges dismissed or evidence suppressed. I fight to win.

I will look at everything that happened in your case from the initial stop to the time of your arrest. I will determine if the officer had probable cause to stop you and ensure you were made fully aware of your rights prior to submitting to a Breathalyzer or any other tests. I will also seek to ensure the equipment used in the testing was accurate and working properly. I will also represent you at your Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) hearing. An administrative hearing is a separate proceeding from the criminal drunk driving charge. This hearing determines what driving privileges you will have, if any, as a result of your drunk driving offense. It is also your opportunity to challenge the suspension of your driving privileges. I will do everything I can to present compelling evidence to help you keep your full driving privileges or to at least obtain conditional driving privileges to allow you to continue to drive for work and other responsibilities.

DUI/DWI Attorney Serving Baltimore And The Surrounding Areas

When DUI/DWI charges are threatening your future, turn to Paul R. Kramer, LLC, for a criminal defense lawyer who can provide the defense you deserve. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 410-609-3284 or contact me online.