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Criminal Defense

Aggressive Criminal Defense Representation

If you have been charged with a crime, having an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side is critical. As the criminal justice system becomes less tolerant and the penalties for all categories of crimes continue to increase, it is important to know that your attorney has what it takes to fight for your rights.

At the Baltimore, Maryland, based law office of Paul R. Kramer, LLC, I take my responsibility to you very seriously. I know what is at stake in criminal cases and I know what a conviction on a criminal charge can do to your future. I believe that there is nothing more important than your constitutional rights and I will fight aggressively to win and to see that they are protected at all times.

Over 40 Years of Trial Experience

Prior to going into private practice, I served for 20 years as a federal prosecutor, 14 years as Deputy U.S. Attorney, the second highest federal prosecutor in the state. Only the U.S. Attorney, appointed by the President of the United States, held a higher position. I am admitted to try state and federal cases in all Maryland and D.C. courts as well as the U.S. Supreme Court. I am familiar with the philosophies and tendencies of the judges and the prosecutors in my area and I know when we have room to negotiate a plea deal and when to go to trial. I fight to win.

I take a very proactive approach to every case. If you know you are being investigated for a crime, don't wait to be charged before you hire a lawyer. The earlier in the process I get involved, the more I can do to protect your rights, stop an indictment or save an arrest.

I represent clients in all criminal cases, including the following:

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Contact my office today to discuss your legal questions. I will give you an honest assessment of your case and let you know what I can do to help. I am available to meet whenever it is convenient for you. You can reach me by phone at 410-709-3793, toll free 877-701-9302 or via e-mail.

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